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Town Car Cup Holder 1Town Car Cup Holder 2
Lincoln Town Car Floor Mounted Cup Holder       EI-LTC-CH1

- sturdy floor mounted cup holder with two cup cutouts and a cell phone slot
- two cigarette lighter outlets
- wiring to front of cup holder
- wiring extension not included please see options below

cup, phone and phone chargers not included
Town Car Extension
Lincoln Town Car Cup Holder Power Extension     EI-LTC-PE

Prewired cigarette lighter extension that allows connection between the cup holder outlets and the car's auxilary passager side outlet. It will not plug into the ash tray outlet unless the ash try is open which will block access to the cup holders.

Please Note:

All of the car cigarette lighter outlets outlets are factory wired to be on all of the time so there is potential for a parasitic current draw on the battery if items are left plugged into the outlets when the car is off. This extension will not switch the power to outlets off when the car is off.  Please see the wiring  kit below  for outlet switching provisions. 
Town Car Power Control Kit
Lincoln Town Car Cup Holder Outlet Control Kit     EI-LTC-PCK

This wiring kit includes the parts necessary  to switch the cup holder outlets off when the key is turn to the off position. Wiring and knowledge of wiring and circuit verification is required  to install this kit.


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