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Our 850R and T5R seat skins are made with high quality leather, vinyl and suede.  All panels are 1/4" foam lined for a better fit and added comfort.  These seats do not use the OEM suede cloth, they use a new high tech suede that has been tested to the highest durability standards and we feel it will wear much better than the OEM suede.  We offer the 850 T5R seat skins at the same price as our standard 850 seats.
Suede Specifications

  Installation Instructions

850R Tan Seat Bottom Skin $215 each

850R Tan Seat Back Skin $280 each

850R Headrest Skin $80each

850 T5R Pricing

850 T5R Seat Bottom skin $195 each

850 T5R Seat Back Skin $255 each

850R Black Seat Bottom Skin $215 each

850R Black seat Back Skin $280 each

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